NW/93DD 50 mm diameter plain cap
Single garage door featuring NW/AC4 mock knockers and NW/93DD 50 mm diameter round studs
Single garage door with mock hinges, handles and NW/93DD 50 mm round studs
NW/93DD 50 mm diameter silver
NW95DD, NW/93DD and NW/60DD bolted options.
Rustic pivot door with NW/AC6 mock hinges 500 mm long, NW/AC32 door grille and NW/93DD 50 mm plain round cap studs.
Resin decor studs a great addition to interior as well as the exterior of the home.
Add style to your home with decor studs. Perfect for furniture, mirror frames, doors, kitchens and cupboards.
Decorative hardware used on a wooden entrance gate. Simple to install, great for us on the interior as well as the exterior of the home. Choose from a wide variety, all of which are handmade and hand painted. Shop online at www.doorstuds.co.za



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Plain Cap Round Decor Stud

50 mm diameter 

Available with an 8 mm wooden dowel bonded into the rear for applications such as doors, furniture, kitchens and cupboards. Alternatively, an 8 mm bolt for use on aluminium and steel.

Step by step installation guide