About us

We have a DIY home decor solution for you!

Noweld ornaments is a family run business, started in 2006 from a concept. Our aim was simple, give the customer an alternative to what was on an already limited market. The idea to create a range of decorative hardware was born.
Originally aimed at giving life and character to garage doors, allowing the customer to personalise and create something unique. We quickly realised that our range of decorative ornaments could be used in so many different ways. Ideal for a DIY project our range of home decor studs can be found on garage doors, household doors, bars, kitchens, furniture and cupboards to name just a few of the potential applications. The possibilities are endless   
All of our home decor studs are handmade, hand painted and proudly South African. Our factory/showroom is situated in Silverton, Pretoria, where we encourage customers to pop in, view, touch and feel our range of decorative knobs