NW/35DD 30 mm diameter half cap
TV Stand customised with NW/35DD, NW/44DD and NW/AC10
Raw wood and steel wine rack with NW/35DD decor studs to give your kitchen a unique look
Medieval pivot door given an authentic look and feel using the NW/35DD 30mm half round cap
Kitchen units featuring NW/44DD and 35DD studs
NW/35DD 30 mm diameter round cap on wooden / steel entrance gate
Mirror/picture frame finished off NW/35DD 30 mm diameter round cap.
Personalised pallet wood mirror frame using decor studs
Replica canon customised with NW/35DD 30mm dia half cap studs



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Half Cap Round Decorative Resin Stud 

30 mm diameter 

Available with an 8 mm wooden dowel bonded into the rear for applications such as doors, furniture and kitchens. Alternatively, an 8 mm bolt for use on aluminium and steel.

Step by step installation guide