NW/34DD 40 mm diameter half cap
Double garage door featuring NW/AC3 mock knockers and NW/34DD 40 mm round studs
Custom design door by the Noweld team featuring NW/AC10 mock hinges, NW/AC4 mock knockers, NW/34DD round half caps and NW/48DD square pyramid caps.
Recycled pallet wood mirror frame customised with decoractive studs
Personalise an entrance door using home decor studs. Create your own unique look!
Barn style sliding door with NW/34DD half round decor studs
Add character to a frame with NW/34DD half round cap



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Half Cap Round Decorative Resin Stud 

40 mm diameter 

Available with an 8 mm wooden dowel bonded into the rear for applications such as doors, furniture and kitchens. Alternatively, an 8 mm bolt for use on aluminium and steel.

Step by step installation guide